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Happy New Year 2020

RÊVES wish you a great new year with lot of  project, success, trip (in China ?), meeting, and emotion ... All with a  great health.

新年快乐 2020 !

1 jan. 2020
The French touch edition.jpg

La French Touch édition by MarquisParis

RÊVES met 13 designers talentueux in this event. Objective was to grown up the visibilité of beautiful brands in a pop-up store at the Pullmann Hotel Eiffel Tower.

Each brand is a great story of french savoir-faire and allow to consume smart, locally and responsible.

7 dec. 2019
JDL Tendances Retail 2020.jfif

by JDL

"Le Journal du luxe" organize an event to discuss the world's major retail trends for 2020. Contents:

- Overview of retail
- department stores in 2020
- "Retailtainment" by Mazarine agency
- Customer experience & emotions by Datakalab

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7 nov. 2019
CCI Paris.jpg

CCI China : market opportunity

RÊVES is in the CCI program Entrepreneur#Leader de la CCI92.
With it program, Reves can participate at many workshops. Today is about general aspects of chinese market, as well as the specificities of Jiangsu Province and to finish the growth sectors.

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16 oct. 2019
Alibabab fr oct.jpg

Rêves go to Alibaba ?

RÊVES participated in an event organized by Alibaba Group to decode and demystify the Chinese consumer around the Alibaba ecosystem: #DecodingChinaBridgingtheWorld. The event was hosted by Sebastien Badault who invited for the occasion many expert companies such as The Chinese Pulse, the Boston Consulting Group and many others.

08 oct. 2019
Chine investement Dialogue Oct.JPG

On of the most importante event between France and China. The China France Investment dialogue speak about the "New consumer trends in China: what opportunities for French products? "
Opportunities, retail experiences, digital and offline online campaigns, KOLS, innovations, patience and many other topics were discussed.

04 oct. 2019

Rêves take place in Shanghai for 1 month

For a month, the founder of Dreams lived in Shanghai in order to develop its network in China and meet its future partners.

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24 mai au 23 juin 2019
REVES blog 100jours

Rêves finalist of the contest  "100 jours pour entreprendre"

Dreams participated in its first business creation contest and arrived in the top 20 out of 140 participants.
Unfortunately she will not win the prize but will have met incredible people.

12 juin 2019